Veterinary Clinic in Saint Francisville, LA

St. Francisville Animal Hospital is your ONE-STOP-DESTINATION for complete veterinary care for all of your pets! Staffed by pet lovers and veterinary care professionals, we are dedicated to providing CARING and AFFORDABLE veterinary care for all of your pet’s needs. From wellness check-ups, preventative care, and vaccinations to surgery and dental services, we are ready to deliver individualized care to every pet that comes through our door. We understand that your pet is unique. More than just an animal hospital, we also offer grooming services and boarding to our clients! See our grooming and boarding sections on this website for more information, or call/visit us directly.

Make an appointment today to experience the best pet care St. Francisville, New Roads, Livonia and the surrounding area has to offer! We look forward to partnering with you in helping your pet live the best life they can live!!

We care for more than just cats and dogs. Our clients include birds, ferrets, bunnies, and more! We welcome all types of pets!

  • Pet Poison Info Center

    If you think your pet has ingested a toxic substance, call us immediately! To learn about potential toxins around your home, check out Animal Poison Control | (888) 426-4435 | ASPCA

    ASPCA Website

  • Pet Adoptions

    We are Proud Partners of the West Feliciana Animal Humane Society and The Happy Tail Rescue. Click below to find your new Best Friend, or learn how you can help local animals in need.

    West Feliciana Animal Humane Society


    Happy Tail Rescue


  • Heartworm Disease Info

    Heartworms come from mosquitos! A single mosquito bite can give your dog heartworms, even if your dog is strictly an indoor dog. Heartworms can KILL your dog. It is EASY TO PREVENT heartworms! Ask us how! Click below to learn more about heartworms and how to protect your dog!

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Pet Hospital

Pet Supplies

Pet GroomingWhile you’re at the hospital, check out our selection of pet supplies in Saint Francisville, LA. We sell leashes, collars, food, shampoo, pet treats, and pet supplements, among other items. Need a recommendation? Don’t hesitate to ask! We’ll be glad to speak with you about your pet and point you in the direction of products that are ideal for them.

Exotic Animals Welcome

More than just cats and dogs, we also welcome exotic animals, providing your pet with the grooming services they need. From beak/wing trims, to bunny and ferret exams, to nail trims and more, we’ll make sure your pet’s unique cat or dog grooming needs are tended to with care and precision.