About Us

We are a full-service Small Animal Veterinary Hospital serving St. Francisville, New Roads, Livonia and the surrounding area since 1979. Founded and led by Dr. Penny Serio, St. Francisville Animal Hospital welcomes Dr. Amy Cangelosi to the team of caring and experienced animal professionals. Our two veterinarians are supported by an excellent team of vet techs, vet assistants and kennel staff.

With a history of over 30 years of treating the pets of Saint Francisville, LA, St. Francisville Animal Hospital hopes to continue to serve the community for many years to come! Contact us today for pet vaccinations, grooming, boarding, and more!

Our Veterinarian/Owner

Penny Leggitt SerioDr. Penny
Dr. Penny Leggitt Serio

Dr. Serio is originally from a small town in Illinois. She graduated from LSU School of Veterinary Medicine in 1983 and has been a Louisiana resident ever since. She has always loved surgery and has a special interest in orthopedic and opthalmologic procedures. Her daughter, Jaqueline, has followed in her mother’s footsteps and is currently practicing exotic and companion animal medicine in Florida.

While mastering her skills as a doctor, she also became a chief master of Han Mu Do which she is recognized for worldwide! Her husband, Jamie, is a grandmaster, much known for posing in action pictures opposite other grandmasters. Dr. Penny is seen in the Shin Sun Dojang with other Han Mu Do masters (including her husband, Jamie, to the left of her) in the picture to the right.

Her other daughter, Jillian, has followed the Han Mu Do philosophy and is instructing martial arts in North Carolina.

Dr. Serio has two Bengal cats, Inca and Aztec, and several flying squirrels.

Meet Our Team

Kris Thompson - Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant

Arlene - Receptionist


Miranda - Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant

Averi - Registered Veterinary Technician

Registered Veterinary Technician
Marina - Receptionist

Haylee - Kennel Assistant

Kennel Assistant

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