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Why You Should Adopt a Senior Pet

November 11, 2021

When it comes to pet adoption, many people look for younger animals. But the fact is that there are many older pets out there that still need a home too. These older animals make great pets and shouldn’t be ignored. Read on to find out the benefits of adopting a... View Article

Why Wellness Blood Testing Is Important for Our Furry Friends

September 15, 2021

When it comes to caring for pets, everyone has a different “parenting” style. But one thing that should be included in all pet parent care routines is regular checkups with the vet. Why do regular vet visits matter? There are many reasons why you need to take your pet to... View Article

Symptoms of Internal Parasites in Your Pet and What to Do

August 15, 2021

Yearly visits to your veterinarian are important for keeping your dog or cat in good health. During an annual visit, your vet will take stool samples to check for the presence of intestinal parasites. How do you treat intestinal parasites in cats and dogs? Here’s a brief guide to identifying... View Article

Helping a Fearful Dog Feel Secure

July 21, 2021

Like humans, dogs can feel plenty of fear and anxiety. Helping your fearful dog feel secure is one of your most important tasks as an owner—otherwise, it can manifest in aggressive behavior, nervous tics and other unwanted issues. Why are dogs fearful? Some are coming from previously abusive situations, which... View Article

How Do I Keep My Senior Dog Healthy?

May 13, 2021

Older dogs, just like older people, are more likely to have health problems that need to be monitored. But at one point is your dog considered a senior, and what pet care steps do you need to take to keep them healthy and happy in Saint Francisville, LA? The answer... View Article

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