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Do Puzzle Toys Help With A Dog’s Boredom?

March 25, 2023

Do Puzzle Toys Help With A Dog’s Boredom? Puzzle toys are a great way to stimulate your dog’s curiosity and mental health. They can also help prevent boredom and destructive behavior. Choosing the right toy depends on your dog’s personality, breed and level of physical activity. Some puzzle toys require you... View Article

How To Stop Your Dog from Jumping on People

September 8, 2022

Dogs are like people — they have their own unique personalities. Some dogs are quiet and laid back, while others are obnoxious and like jumping on people. It is definitely cute when your pooch runs over to you as you walk in the door after work and jump on you... View Article

Training Tips for Your New Dog

July 7, 2021

Congratulations on adopting a new dog! Whether it’s your first dog or your 15th, and whether it’s a tiny puppy or a senior dog, there are some great training tips that will make their adjustment easier. Welcoming a new member of your household is bound to come with some bumps... View Article

How to Keep Gnats Away from Your Pets and Prevent Allergic Reactions

April 30, 2020

Keeping your pets safe is a full-time job, as there are pests and other annoyances everywhere you look. You of course want to make sure you’re always keeping them safely fed, with quality food from trusted suppliers that use good ingredients, while also ensuring you give them the regular exercise... View Article

The Importance of Keeping Pets Warm During Winter

December 26, 2019

With winter weather setting in, this is the time of year in which you really need to evaluate how you treat your pets and their current living conditions. This post will cover how winter weather affects your pets and what you can do to ensure proper pet health in Saint... View Article

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