How To Stop Your Dog from Jumping on People

How To Stop Your Dog from Jumping on People

September 8, 2022

Dogs are like people — they have their own unique personalities. Some dogs are quiet and laid back, while others are obnoxious and like jumping on people. It is definitely cute when your pooch runs over to you as you walk in the door after work and jump on you to say hello, but not everyone likes it. If your dog is big and heavy, jumping can actually be dangerous. Therefore, it is better to discourage this habit and do it as soon as possible, preferably when a dog is young. 

Tips To Help Your Dog Stop Jumping

Here is what you can do to stop your dog from jumping on people: 

  • Ignore your dog until he is calm. If your canine starts jumping on you, the best thing you can do is to ignore him. You should not speak to your dog, touch, or even look at him. By ignoring your dog, you are actually teaching your four-legged friend not to jump. At some point, once your dog realizes that he receives no attention, he will stop jumping completely. 
  • Ask other people, including family members and visitors, to ignore your dog as well. You should explain to them that you are training your dog, and if he approaches them to jump, they should remain still or walk by. This will help your canine to understand that everyone is following this rule, not only you. 
  • Teach your dog to sit down instead of jumping. Every time your dog is about to jump to greet a visitor, you should say "sit." At some point, your dog will learn it and will start remaining seated when someone comes over. In order to help your dog to learn this command faster, you should use positive reinforcement and give a treat every time your dog sits. 
  • Use a doggie backpack. If you have tried different methods and your dog still keeps jumping on you and other people, you can try to put a doggie backpack on him. The purpose of a doggie backpack is to calm, hug, and soothe your dog. With the help of it, your dog will learn the command "sit" much faster. 

Hopefully, the tips listed above answered your question, "How to keep my dog from jumping on me." If you are still struggling with your dog’s behavior, you should consider reaching out to a professional trainer who will correct your dog’s behavior. 

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