How to Deal with Separation Anxiety

How to Deal with Separation Anxiety

August 3, 2018

It’s an all-too-familiar story among dog owners: You go out to school, work or a social event, and when you come home, your dog is barking or howling. Some dogs may destroy furniture as well. It’s heartrending to realize that your dog misses you this much and experiences this kind of psychological stress. It’s also tough on neighbors who have to listen to the dog, sometimes for hours on end.

What can you do about separation anxiety in dogs in Saint Francisville, LA? You may think there aren’t any solutions, but the reality is that veterinarians and other dog experts have a set of coping tools that owners may find effective:

  • No more lengthy goodbyes and hellos:
    Do you frequently tell your dog that you’re going to miss them? Then, when you get back, is it a really big deal? If so, you may want to tone this down. This habit can reinforce your dog’s fear of your absence. Keep things mellow and ensure that your dog is calm upon both your leaving and your returning.
  • Get in some exercise:
    Take the dog on a vigorous walk or play fetch for a while before you go. A tired dog is a happy dog, and they’ll be ready for a nice nap when you go. This can lessen feelings of separation anxiety.
  • Give the dog space: Does your dog sleep in your bed? You may want to get them a dog bed and provide some treats for when you leave. This will let your dog relax and have their own personal space independent of you. Then, leaving won’t be such a problem.
  • Change the routine: Dogs are very routine-oriented, and leaving from the same door in the same way every time may create a negative association for them. Instead, leave through different doors and keep your shoes in different places.
  • Limit time alone: Man’s best friend isn’t designed to be away from his or her owner for long stretches of time. More than eight hours out of the house will leave your dog bored and lonely. If you need to be out longer than that, you may want to have a friend or neighbor stop by.

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