How to Train Your Puppy Right

How to Train Your Puppy Right

August 20, 2018

There are a lot of fun parts of being a puppy owner. Picking up that cuddly little guy or gal in your arms. Their adorable, tiny bark. Hugs and kisses. For the most part, it’s a joy.

Then there’s the not so fun part: training. However, it doesn’t have to be a chore if you do it right. You’ll also have a better-behaved dog who will fit right in with your family.

When it comes to puppy training in Saint Francisville, LA, you’re going to need support. You want to turn to someone who cares about your pet as much as you do—which is why you should come to St. Francisville Animal Hospital. Here are some of our top tips on puppy training:

  • Establish “come” early on: Make sure that the first thing you teach your dog is to come when called. This will establish you as the alpha and is generally a useful command for the dog to know. Get down to the dog’s level and make sure to use their name.
  • Reward the good: Use treats and praise to reward your dog for their good behaviors. This will reinforce what you want the dog to do. Rewards should support almost all training and put the dog on the right track.
  • Correct immediately: Dogs aren’t going to remember something they did a couple of minutes ago. That’s why it’s important to correct behavior right when it happens. Responding immediately will give the dog clear guidelines on what isn’t acceptable.
  • Set rules firmly: Can your dog go on the couch? How about your bed? Establish these rules early on and stick to them. If you waffle or sometimes let them lounge around on furniture, your dog will easily become confused. Set rules and then expect your dog to respect those rules.
  • Discourage biting: Puppies are going to nip and bite—it’s just what they do. But you should establish that biting isn’t acceptable early on. For example, redirect the puppy toward biting a chew toy instead of your hand or a piece of furniture.

Do you need advice or support in puppy training in Saint Francisville, LA?

No matter what your pet needs may be, St. Francisville Animal Hospital is here to support you. We believe that every pet deserves the absolute best care possible. Our friendly and professional team will treat your pet just like they were a member of our own family. From checkups to nail trimming to cleaning and vaccinations, we do it all. We even offer boarding and grooming services.

Our clinic is equipped to handle any possible scenario, including surgery and emergency procedures. We’ll even come to you if you can’t make it to our clinic. From state-of-the art diagnostic capabilities to maintaining a highly trained team, we always put your pet’s health and wellness as our top priority. Contact us right now to learn more about our services—we look forward to meeting you and your pet soon!

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