Five Tips from a Veterinary Clinic in Saint Francisville, LA to Keep Your Pet Warm This Winter

Five Tips from a Veterinary Clinic in Saint Francisville, LA to Keep Your Pet Warm This Winter

November 9, 2018

Even though the official start of winter is still a few weeks away, the temperatures have already begun to drop. As you begin to prepare your mind and body for the winter months ahead, it is important that you make sure your pet is prepared to handle the lower temperatures as well. Your veterinary clinic in Saint Francisville, LA is here with a few tips that will help you keep your pet warm this winter:

  • Protect paws: There is an added injury risk when ice covers the ground during your pet’s winter walks. You may want to consider placing paw covers on your pet before their walk to keep them protected from the elements. Make sure to wipe their paws off with a towel every time you return from a walk to remove any deicing salt or antifreeze that may have accumulated while you were out.
  • Help your pet get home: With the ice and cold weather potentially masking the usual scents and landmarks that your pet would normally use to find their way home, it is imperative that your pet has on a collar every single time they go outside. Also make sure their microchip registration is up to date, just in case you are separated.
  • Monitor outside activities: Many people assume that cats and dogs are protected from cold weather because of their furry coats, but in reality, they are just as susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia as humans. When you take your pet for a walk, keep an eye on the amount of time you spend outside. If you have an enclosed area that your pet can roam safely, don’t allow them to stay outside for too long if it is chilly.
  • Visit the vet: It is recommended that your pet visit the vet at least once a year, and making this annual visit before the winter starts is a great chance to make sure your pet is in good health and ready for the season. Just as with humans, cooler weather can have adverse effects on pets with certain ailments or conditions, such as arthritis. A trip to the vet can help make sure your pet will be comfortable throughout the whole season.
  • Don’t shave off too much fur: Your pet will need all the additional warmth they can get during the winter, which means that it is best to wait until the spring to give them a full trim. If your pet is shorthaired, try finding a sweater or coat that they don’t mind wearing while out on their walks.

Here at St. Francisville Animal Hospital, we understand just how important it is for your family’s best friend to stay warm this winter. For over 34 years we have served as a go-to veterinary clinic in Saint Francisville, LA, and no matter what type of attention your pet may need, it is our goal to make sure they are as healthy as possible. To make sure your pet is ready for another winter, give us a call and schedule a visit today.

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