How to Tell if Your Dog Needs His Teeth Cleaned

How to Tell if Your Dog Needs His Teeth Cleaned

February 6, 2019

It’s not always easy to tell if your dog has problems with its teeth or dental hygiene. After all, dog breath is never going to smell good, and dogs are constantly going to be in search of something to eat, no matter how gross it might appear or how much discomfort it might cause them. Plus, many pet owners simply do not know the signs of dental disease in their dogs.

With this in mind, here are some signs that indicate your pet really could benefit from dog teeth cleaning in Saint Francisville, LA—and throughout February, St. Francisville Animal Hospital is offering a 10 percent discount on canine dental services!

His breath smells awful

Again, you’re not going to find a dog whose breath smells good, but if it’s way worse than usual, there’s a solid chance the dog needs a dental cleaning and examination. If, for example, you smell a really acrid, rotten smell coming from the dog’s mouth or the dog’s mouth smells like an open sewer, this is probably bacteria or an infection that is producing those smells. The presence of plaque and tartar on a dog’s teeth can cause the attachment between the teeth and gums to loosen, which gives more space for bacteria to develop and infections to form. These infections can cause bone decay and other types of complications, including awful smells.

His teeth are damaged

If your pup’s teeth have clear signs of damage, this is an indication that he needs to see a doggy dentist. Dogs’ teeth are going to wear down gradually, just like they do with people, but the problem can be hastened in dogs that are allowed to chew on sticks and rocks.

If you have a dog that likes to chew, make sure he’s only chewing things he’s allowed to chew, such as chew toys and products that are designed with dogs in mind. Otherwise, he’ll wear down his tooth enamel, exposing the pulp cavity and opening up a potential area for bacteria to build up.

He’s not chewing his favorite toys

If your dog no longer seems to find joy in chewing some of his favorite toys, even the soft ones, this is a sign that his teeth are hurting and that he needs to undergo a dental cleaning as soon as possible. Pay close attention to your dog and see if he seems to be reluctant to chew or if he’s favoring one area of his mouth in any way.

Your veterinarian notices tooth issues

As part of your dog’s regular veterinary appointments, the vet will take a moment to examine your dog’s mouth. Most dogs will have to have their teeth cleaned at some point by the time they reach age three, and then again each year after that. Veterinarians will be able to pinpoint signs of dental disease, so make sure you’re taking your dog to his regular checkups so the vet can check for these issues before they become truly problematic.

For more information about when to get dog teeth cleaning in Saint Francisville, LA or to take advantage of our 10 percent discount in February, contact St. Francisville Animal Hospital today.

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