Follow These Steps to Prevent Flea and Ticks

Follow These Steps to Prevent Flea and Ticks

April 15, 2019

The weather is finally warming up after a long, cold winter. Soon you’ll be heading outside with your dog to bask in the sunny spring temperatures with a game of fetch or a long walk. Unfortunately, the spring season is also high time for ticks and fleas. Dogs are very susceptible to tick bites and fleas. Fleas can be a major nuisance, and a single tick bite could be deadly if a tickborne disease is contracted.

Eliminating these two pests can be quite intensive and time consuming. For these reasons, it’s especially important to follow a few precautions to protect your dog from ticks and fleas. Read on to learn the best things you can do for tick and flea prevention in Saint Francisville, LA.

Natural remedies

A few common kitchen ingredients are among the best defenses against ticks and fleas. Those pests can’t stand the smell and taste of garlic. Another option is to bathe your dog in apple cider vinegar, which will purify the fur and rid it of fleas and ticks. Finally, put a few drops of lemon or rosemary oil directly on the collar to fend off fleas or ticks the next time you head out for an evening walk.

Flea and tick shampoos

Wash away those fleas and ticks during bath time by using a shampoo specially designed to eradicate them. Plus, the warm water will help alleviate any skin irritation caused by the bugs. Pair the shampoo with a soothing oatmeal bath to relieve your dog’s itchy skin. Most of the fleas and ticks will wash down the drain, and the lingering few should die within a day or two.


Incorporate regular combing into your dog care routine to prevent ticks and fleas. Have the dog lay on a white towel and brush through their fur with a flea comb. Check the towel for any signs of flea dirt, which looks like dirt even though it’s actually dried blood. Another option is to line the comb with some petroleum jelly. The fleas will stick to the comb’s teeth as it’s pulled through the fur.


One of the worst things about fleas and ticks is they don’t just stay on your dog’s fur. They can linger in a home for months by hiding in the carpet, the dog’s bedding or on the couch. The ticks and fleas can then spread to other animals in the home this way. Plan to vacuum regularly to ensure the home is free of fleas and ticks. Use an attachment to get into any hard-to-reach places. Dump the vacuum contents into the garbage can immediately after.

Vet-recommended prescriptions

This is the easiest way to prevent and kill ticks and fleas. Your vet can recommend the best prescription products for flea and tick prevention in Saint Francisville, LA. They’ll also be able to guide you on the proper dosage to avoid any negative side effects.

Keep your pet happy and healthy this spring with the help of the vets at St. Francisville Animal Hospital. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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