10 Ways to Ensure Your Cat Stays Entertained While Home Alone

10 Ways to Ensure Your Cat Stays Entertained While Home Alone

July 29, 2019

Despite their sometimes surly and/or aloof demeanors, your cats actually really like you and enjoy spending time with you. When you’re not home, your cat misses you. A bored and lonely cat, believe it or not, can cause even more mischief than a cat who is well entertained. For cats in Saint Francisville, LA, these 10 options will keep them occupied while you’re out of the house:

  1. A good view: A window is a cat’s version of a flat screen TV. Set up a cozy spot in a window sill for your furry friend to laze away in while watching the world go by outside.
  2. A catio: If your cat really craves the outdoors but you worry about letting them roam freely, a catio is the next best thing. A secured outdoor enclosure that allows cats to luxuriate in the sun and breathe in the fresh air, a catio is a great way to safely get your felines outside.
  3. An aquarium: This serves as visual stimulation for your cat, similar to a window with a great view. Make sure any fish tank you add to your home has a secure lid to keep your curious kitty out of the water and your fish out of harm’s way.
  4. Videos for cats: Maybe your cats like screen time as much as you do. If you have a cat that will watch your TV or tablet, try some videos made specifically for cats. These videos are usually footage of birds, rodents and other small creatures. You can buy DVDs to play, or just search YouTube and create a playlist for your cat.
  5. Cat trees: A multi-level cat tree or cat-specific piece of furniture offers all kinds of interesting play options for your pet. From places to scratch to dangling toys, these items are built specifically to engage cats’ senses and keep them busy.
  6. Brown paper bags: This also works with sheets of craft paper. Sprinkle paper bags or sheets of craft paper with catnip and let them have the time of their life. They’ll be entertained for hours.
  7. A playmate: If you have one cat who seems bored and always eager to play, consider adopting a new feline for the family. For those looking for cats in Saint Francisville, LA, we partner with the Humane Society and can help you find the purrfect companion.
  8. Cardboard boxes: Break out a card box and, again, add some catnip to have your cat swooning.
  9. Remote playtime: For those who have to leave home for several days, there are products available that allow you to play with your cat remotely. Even if you can’t be there to engage with your cats, these nifty gadgets make it possible for you to entertain felines who are home alone.
  10. Food puzzles and toys: These are especially beneficial for cats who eat too quickly, causing them to vomit, or those who need to drop some weight. Food puzzles and toys require your cats to use their minds and paws to get bits of kibble to snack on.

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