Top Reasons to Adopt a Pet

Top Reasons to Adopt a Pet

September 10, 2019

As the reality of poor breeding practices becomes better known, people are turning to adoption as a means of adding pets to their families. For those interested in sharing their homes with a dog, cat, bird or another domesticated animal, there are so many reasons to adopt instead of buying a pet from a store or breeder. Here at St. Francisville Animal Hospital, we work with the local Humane Society to help pets get adopted, in addition to providing veterinary services and pet supplies in Saint Francisville, LA.

Save lives

Shelters throughout the country are overwhelmed with dogs and cats looking for homes. Unfortunately, 2.7 million adoptable pets are euthanized every year because shelters, rescues and other organizations do not have the resources to care for and house these amazing animals.

Adopting a dog, cat, rabbit, bird or other pet not only saves that animal’s life, but also frees up space for another creature to get medical treatment and find a home. Adoption is the gift that keeps on giving, as it makes it possible for other animals to get a second chance at a happy life.

A great pet

Shelters work overtime to make the animals in their care as happy, healthy and well-adjusted as possible. When you adopt a dog or cat from a shelter, you are taking home a great pet that has already received much of the necessary medical care for at least the first few months. Shelter staff and volunteers dedicate themselves to matching pets with the right families to create lifelong bonds.

Spend less

Animals housed in shelters undergo a number of medical treatments to ensure adopters take home healthy pets. A shelter pet has usually already been spayed or neutered, received his/her first round of vaccinations, a microchip and initial training and socialization. These expenses add up quickly when you are responsible for them with an animal you buy at a pet store or from a breeder. When you spend less on medical costs, you can spend more on fun pet supplies in Saint Francisville, LA like new toys and delicious treats.

Feel good

There have been multiple studies done that show how animals impact people’s overall health. A pet makes you happier, gives you purpose and keeps you active, and when you adopt, you have a sense of pride in the fact that you saved a life. Whether you’re cuddling on the couch watching movies or hiking a new trail in the great outdoors, your newly adopted pet is a best friend who will remain devoted to you for years to come. There are psychological, emotional and physical benefits to adopting a pet that equal one thing: a happier life and home for you and your family.

When adopting a new pet, it’s important to purchase the necessary pet supplies in Saint Francisville, LA to provide your dog or cat with everything she or he needs to thrive. At St. Francisville Animal Hospital, our employees can make appropriate and knowledgeable recommendations on anything you are going to purchase so that you buy the right food, toys, grooming tools and so on for your new pet. Come see us to learn why pet owners trust us with their beloved family members and all of their needs.

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