Popular Pet Costumes for Halloween

Popular Pet Costumes for Halloween

October 9, 2019

Every October, St. Francisville Animal Hospital runs a pet costume contest. Enter your photo today for a chance to win a special prize!

With this in mind, remember that the spooktacular day is just around the corner. Is your pet ready for trick or treating? Perhaps Fluffy wants to be an astronaut this year, or Fido has been dreaming about being Captain America. Your four-legged friends have myriad options for pet costumes in Saint Francisville, LA this year.

Not sure how to dress up your dog? Wondering what kitties are into this Halloween? Check out the following ideas for pet costumes in Saint Francisville, LA to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Chewbarka: Star Wars is always in style, even for our tail-wagging friends. If your dog resembles a Wookiee already, this costume idea is particularly fitting. The hoodie slips over their body, and includes Chewie’s trademark sash. Your little pooch will be ready to take on any Storm Troopers who dare darken your door this Halloween.
  • Rodeo cowboy: Yee-haw! This one’s great for small or large dogs. If your Great Dane already looks like a horse, this saddle with doll cowboy rider is perfect. If your tiny mutt dreams of being as big as his bark, putting him in this costume can make him feel like a bucking bronc for the day. Cheyenne, here he comes!
  • King of the jungle: Does your pet have lion-colored fur? Transform Frisky the cat into Simba the king for a day. A lion mane does the trick. This one works for dogs, too (and they may be more cooperative in wearing the mane). Still, maybe your cat can’t wait to be king.
  • Dorothy and Toto: Your dog isn’t in Kansas anymore! A miniature blue-and-white gingham dress and wig transform your dog into Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Choose a dog costume for yourself, and go together as the famous Toto and Dorothy duo in reverse. Just watch out for tornadoes.
  • Ghostbuster: Is your cat up for chasing more than mice this Halloween? How about busting ghosts for a day? A jumpsuit with inflatable proton pack will arm your feline friend for whatever comes her way this October.
  • Pirate pet: Peg legs aren’t required. A cute pirate hat, a skull and crossbones bandana and a fake sword create the purrfect pirate look. Your cat will probably enjoy a parrot on his shoulder to play with, too (although it might not stay there long).
  • Superdog: Donning your dog in a Superman costume will let him be a superhero for the day. A cute cape and a large S vest are an adorable combo. Just remember that a lot of Halloween candy is made of chocolate, which is a dog’s kryptonite.

Stay safe this Halloween

Want more tips on how to have safe, clean fun with your pets this Halloween? Contact the professionals at St. Francisville Animal Hospital. We’ve been serving pets and their owners since 1984. Our animal experts can tell you which pet costumes in Saint Francisville, LA are safe for your pet and what treats would be best for your cat or dog to enjoy this treat season. Reach out to us today with any questions, and have a happy Halloween!

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