Travel-Induced Stress in Pets

Travel-Induced Stress in Pets

November 20, 2019

Having trouble getting your dog to go for a car ride? Pet anxiety in Saint Francisville, LA is a common problem. Since you’ll probably need to take Buddy in the car at some point, it’s important to help him get over this fear.

Use the following tips to help eliminate your best friend’s pet anxiety in Saint Francisville, LA. For additional assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local pet experts at St. Francisville Animal Hospital.

Desensitize your dog

Gradually help your dog to become more comfortable with the car. Start by sitting in the back seat with him for a few minutes. While there, pet him and give him a treat. Repeat this activity every day for three weeks (or longer if necessary). Over the weeks, gradually increase the amount of time you spend in the car. You may want to feed your dog in the car a few times as well. The goal is to get her to associate the vehicle with positive things.

Once she is comfortable with this process, take things to the next level. Take your dog on short car rides to destinations she will enjoy. Go to a nearby park or the pet store. Vary the route you drive, and take longer routes as she gets used to the rides. This method will allow your dog to associate car rides with positive things, rather than just trips to the vet or kennel.

Make the car inviting

To make car rides even more enjoyable, make the vehicle as comfortable as possible for your dog. Bring along his favorite toy, a familiar blanket or a dog bed. Be sure to keep the interior temperature comfortable, and crack the window or sunroof to provide fresh air. If your dog will be in a crate, make sure it remains level. Covering the crate may also help to calm your dog.

Expel extra energy

Before any car ride, allow your dog to exercise for about 20 minutes. The exercise will make her feel positive and put her in a good mood. It will also wear her out, so she will be more likely to settle in for a relaxing nap during the car ride.

Practice pet safety

As you take these steps to desensitize your dog and prevent pet anxiety in Saint Francisville, LA, be sure to keep two top safety measures in mind. First, never let your dog hang her head out the window while your vehicle is moving. While it may be a common sight on the roadways, this is extremely dangerous for your dog.

Second, never leave your pet unattended inside a vehicle. On warm days, the interior of the car can heat up rapidly. Even if you think your errand will be quick, don’t risk it. Pets can quickly overheat and die of heat stroke while trapped in a vehicle.

Find out more

For more information on pet anxiety in Saint Francisville, LA, contact the professional team at St. Francisville Animal Hospital. Our experts can answer any questions you have and provide the resources you need to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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