Why New Pets and the Holidays Don't Mix Well

Why New Pets and the Holidays Don’t Mix Well

December 12, 2019

With family and friends over for the holidays, this is a particularly stressful time of year for people across the country. One of the only things that can make this worse is bringing a new pet in Saint Francisville, LA into the mix. Keep reading to learn why this is a less-than-ideal time to get a new pet:

  • Strange new people: Your pets are comfortable around you and your family members, but when new people start showing up at the house, things can quickly go downhill. New pets may get excited and jump up on your guests, or they may get defensive and bark or even bite.
  • Meeting other pets: Things can really get hairy (no pun intended) when holiday guests have to bring their own pets over to your house. Even if the pets do get along—which isn’t a guarantee—they can run throughout the house and cause a big ruckus.
  • Tempting food: Even the most well-trained pets might not be able to resist the tasty-looking food sitting out on the table or kitchen counter. Try to keep all pets away from the food to prevent them from jumping up and stealing some right off the table!
  • Holiday decorations: You work hard to put up lights, garlands and other holiday decor throughout your home. The worst possible scenario is having a new pet rip all of those decorations down. If you do have a pet in the house, be mindful of where you place decorations to ensure they don’t swallow anything or mess up your hard work.

Board your pets with us!

The best way to deal with a new pet in Saint Francisville, LA is to board them with trusted professionals for the holidays. Here are a few reasons pet owners choose St. Francisville Animal Hospital every time they need a boarding service:

  • Clean facilities: A clean environment ensures a comfortable stay for your pet and prevents any illnesses from spreading. That’s why we keep the cleanest facilities in the area. Our boarding areas are meticulously cleaned every day.
  • All pets welcome: Whether you have a cat, a dog or an exotic pet, you can board them with us. There’s no reason to bring all of your pets to different boarding facilities—we accept all sorts of different pets, regardless of their size and shape.
  • Grooming services: If Fido needs a bath while he’s being boarded, we have you covered! We provide an array of grooming services, including bathing, nail trimming, detangling, tooth brushing and more. Your pet will come back looking and smelling better than ever.
  • Fair pricing: There’s no need to overpay when you board with us. Prices start at $15 per night for cats and go up to $22 per night for large dogs. We guarantee you won’t find a better deal in town!

Don’t choose anyone but St. Francisville Animal Hospital if you need to board your new pet in Saint Francisville, LA over the holidays. We provide the best boarding facilities in the area for all of your animals.

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