Fireworks Are No Celebration for Your Pets

Fireworks Are No Celebration for Your Pets

January 29, 2020

Fireworks are not just for the Fourth of July. These celebratory bursts of sound and light, while fun for people, can be a form of torture to your pets. It’s no secret that thousands of dogs, cats, birds and other small animals get stressed out as a result of fireworks going off. Loud bangs and whistling can scare pets, causing some to develop anxiety disorders or even run away from home. The main reason animals stress out about fireworks going off is because they have very acute hearing—in fact, loud noises may cause actual pain in pets’ ears.

It’s crucial to ensure pet comfort and safety in Saint Francisville, LA during fireworks celebrations. Below are some simple guidelines to follow to prevent pet suffering.

Dogs and cats

The most common household pets in America are dogs and cats. Depending on breed, age and personality, yours might do just fine with fireworks. However, the majority of pets will likely react negatively to loud bangs and booms and bright sparkling lights in the sky. The good news is that there are things you can do for your buddy:

  • Preventative steps: If you know fireworks will be shot off near your home—such as on the Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve—plan to keep dogs and cats inside the entire day and into the evening. If you take your dog on daily walks, make sure to go earlier in the day, before prime fireworks time. Close all doors and windows, and block off pet doors to keep pets from bolting. This also keeps the firework noise to a minimum. Play music or turn on the TV to dampen the noise of the fireworks.
  • Pet identification: Not all pet owners make their pets wear collars with ID tags, especially when they’re inside the house. However, in anticipation of fireworks going off, ensure cats and dogs are wearing identification (whether they are inside or outside) and check that their microchips are up to date. If your pet is not microchipped, seriously consider having them chipped.
  • Create a comfy spot: Prepare an area inside the house where your pet can feel safe and comfortable for the duration of the night’s fireworks. This can be a pile of clothes in the corner of a room or a kennel in the laundry room. If they hide once the fireworks start, leave them be.
  • Be present: Avoid leaving your pet alone during firework events. The sounds can be upsetting to them. Don’t yell at them if they get vocal, as this will only cause additional stress.

Small pets

Small animals like guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, hamsters, birds and ferrets are easily frightened by loud sounds. Before fireworks begin, be sure to move pet enclosures to a quiet room inside or into the garage. Lock hutch doors securely. Give them extra bedding to burrow, even consider covering hutches and bird homes with blankets to block out sound and light.

Here at St. Francisville Animal Hospital, one of our top priorities is pet comfort and safety in Saint Francisville, LA—and it should be on your mind, too. Get in touch with us for more tips or to schedule an appointment.

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