Why You Need to Spay and Neuter Your Pets

Why You Need to Spay and Neuter Your Pets

July 2, 2020

All too often, people think that spaying or neutering a pet is just intended to limit the animal from reproducing uncontrollably. However, there are so many other medical and behavioral benefits to having your furry friends spayed or neutered. In fact, most veterinarians consider it a necessary element of pet care in Saint Francisville, LA to have your dog or cat spayed or neutered. Here’s why.

Health reasons to spay or neuter your pet

To ensure you are providing the highest-quality pet care in Saint Francisville, LA to your beloved dogs or cats, you want to have them spayed or neutered as soon as possible. Research indicates that these procedures can actually extend the life of your beloved pet. Data reveals that neutered male dogs lived 18 percent longer lives than their unfixed friends, and that number increases to 23 percent for spayed female pets. Also, neutering male pets lowers risk for testicular cancer and prostate issues.

Female dogs and cats who have been spayed experience fewer uterine infections and breast tumors. If left intact, female pets may develop breast tumors, which are 50 percent cancerous in canines and 90 percent in felines. It’s recommended that you spay female animals before their first heat to best protect them from these conditions.

Behavioral benefits of spaying or neutering your pet

There’s a common misconception that spaying or neutering a pet is the cure-all for any behavioral problem. Unfortunately, that is not the case. However, spaying female pets means they no longer go into heat. These cycles cause female dogs and cats to urinate indiscriminately and yowl for days on end.

Neutering male dogs and cats, meanwhile, can address territorial behaviors such as urine spraying and mounting other animals. Additionally, when male pets are neutered, they are less likely to try to escape to roam the area in search of mating partners.

Spaying or neutering at a local animal hospital

Some organizations offer low-cost spay and neuter clinics to the community. While these are an excellent resource for those with limited income, you would ideally have your pet spayed or neutered in an established animal hospital with a team of veterinarians and vet technicians. A full-service animal hospital is equipped to handle the process with limited complications. If an issue does arise, the vet staff has all the equipment necessary to respond as needed. Before, during and after your pet’s spay or neuter surgery, the veterinarian and other employees are monitoring the animal’s vital signs to address any complications or emergencies that may occur.

For many people, pets are family members. Fido and Fluffy mean the world to everyone who lives with them, which means you want them to have the very best in pet care in Saint Francisville, LA. That is why our community comes to St. Francisville Animal Hospital.

Since 1984, we have specialized in all veterinary services, including but not limited to surgery, examinations, vaccinations, emergencies and even pet adoptions. We have dedicated our practice to treating every patient with respect and care. Contact us now to make an appointment for your dog, cat, ferret, bird, bunny or other pet.

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