How to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

How to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

December 19, 2020

Having a pet is one of the great joys in life. Study after study has shown that a dog, cat, fish, reptile or other type of animal can improve your overall wellbeing, relieve stress and offer a host of other benefits. However, in exchange for all of the benefits they bring to the table, they rely on you to take care of them. If you have a cat, then knowing some easy tips for pet care in Saint Francisville, LA will make you a more skilled and more responsible pet owner in both the short and long terms.

Keep them entertained

This is particularly relevant if your cat is an indoor one—being inside all day can be just as boring for them as it might be for you, so help them out by keeping them entertained. It’s a misperception that cats are “low maintenance” and require no attention, so it’s a good idea to keep them well supplied with toys and play with them periodically throughout the day. This has the added benefit of getting them moving, which will help prevent the threat of feline obesity. You might even want to consider getting a second cat—they can frequently keep each other occupied throughout the day.

Litter box etiquette

Cats like to have their own area of the house in which to do their business. While many people do not live in homes that allow pets to have their own room, good pet care in Saint Francisville, LA includes respecting the boundaries and territorial needs of the animal. This means that, at a minimum, you should be tucking the box into the corner of a room that the cat can really call their own. Regardless, make sure it’s in a quiet and well-lit spot. If it’s too noisy or too dark, the cat might be too nervous to use the box. Finally, make sure their food and water are not in the same spot—after all, you wouldn’t want to eat or drink in the bathroom, would you?

Feeding time

The temptation to overfeed a pet is something a lot of us struggle with. They look so cute when they beg, and it’s so tempting to make them happy by adding one more little half-scoop to their dish. The problem with this is that animals can experience obesity just as easily as a human, particularly if a cat isn’t getting enough exercise on a regular basis. It’s best to make a feeding plan with your veterinarian, and never feed your cat from your plate—it creates bad habits, but it can also hurt the cat if they eat some particular foods like onion or garlic.

The responsibility of pet care in Saint Francisville, LA falls on the shoulders of the owner. It’s up to you to watch your cat carefully and notice any changes in their behavior. If something seems off, then it’s time to bring them to St. Francisville Animal Hospital. Our experienced team can help with everything from pet grooming to medical care. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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