Common Signs to Take Your Dog to the ER

Common Signs to Take Your Dog to the ER

May 16, 2022

Our pets are like family. We hate to see them sick or in pain. Though we want to be able to do something for them every single time they are sick, it is simply not feasible to rush them to the vet every single time. Knowing when to go to the emergency vet can make taking care of them a lot easier.

When Should You Bring Your Dog to the Emergency Vet?

The first and most obvious time is if your pet is seriously injured, and you cannot make it to your normal vet. This could be that it is bleeding, has a broken bone or has been hit by a car. Basically, any serious injury that requires immediate attention and immediate care.

If your pet has not been eating or drinking, and you suspect there is something seriously wrong, you might also want to take a trip to the emergency vet. If your pet has eaten something you fear is poisonous or you suspect may harm it, a trip is in order.

Though it is almost always going to be better to take your pet to its normal vet, if you suspect that its life is in danger and that it needs immediate treatment, you should certainly take it. Your pet cannot care for itself; it is up to you to determine when its condition is serious enough to warrant a visit to the emergency vet.

Reasons to Take Your Dog to the Emergency Vet

Ultimately, it is up to you to take your dog to the emergency vet or to take it to the normal vet, but having a good idea of some instances in which an emergency vet might be needed can truly help ease your mind.

  • Your pet is very seriously injured.
  • It is vomiting and will not eat or drink water.
  • It is crying out, as if in pain.
  • It is bleeding or otherwise injured.
  • Your normal vet is closed, and you feel that your pet needs attention.

Basically, there is no real way to tell a pet owner that their pet does not need to go to the emergency vet. If you have a pet that is in pain or that is sick, and you feel that it needs to go to the emergency vet, the best bet is to simply take it. Emergency vets do cost more and can be busier, but they are great if you cannot get to your normal vet or if something happens that requires your pet to be seen immediately or without an appointment.

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