5 Tips To Prepare Your Dog for a First-Time Vet Visit

5 Tips To Prepare Your Dog for a First-Time Vet Visit

July 28, 2022

There are some crucial tips for preparing your dog for the vet so that you can make sure that your pet is in the best conditions possible. You want your pet’s first time at the vet to be a smooth experience, which will help ensure that your pet is comfortable and willing to cooperate. Here are some of the tips for preparing your dog for the vet. 

1. Bring Your Pet Hungry

Usually, when we take our pets to the vet, they will be asked to do tests such as blood tests and urinalysis. For the vet to get an accurate result, your pet should not have any food or water in its stomach. We recommend that you withhold food and water for at least four hours before the appointment. However, if your pet is diabetic, please check with the vet first, as they will have different instructions. 

2. Accustom Your Pet to Being Handled

If you take your pet to the vet for the first time, they are not used to being handled. Getting them used to it is crucial so that the vet can examine them without any issues. You can start by gently touching their paws and moving up to their ears and mouth. Get them used to being brushed and having their nails trimmed too. This will make the vet’s job a lot easier.

3. Make a List of Questions

No matter how experienced the vet is, they will not be able to answer all of your questions in one sitting. It is crucial to make a list of questions that you want to ask the vet. This way, you can ensure that all of your concerns are addressed. Some of the things that you may want to ask about include vaccinations, diet, exercise, and behavioral problems.

4. Be Prepared for an Emergency

It is always best to be prepared for an emergency. This way, you will know what to do if something does happen. First, make sure that you have the vet’s number on hand. You should also have a list of items you will need in an emergency, such as a first-aid kit and a phone number for a 24-hour animal hospital.

5. Don’t Forget the Supplies

Lastly, don’t forget to bring the supplies your dog will need. This includes their leash, collar, food, and water bowl. Please consult the vet if you have any questions about what to bring. You should do this regardless of whether it is your pet’s first time at the vet.


Following these tips will assist you on what to know before a first dog vet visit to ensure your dog’s first time at the vet is as smooth as possible. However, if you have any concerns, please consult the vet beforehand. You should do this regardless of whether it is your pet’s first time at the vet or not. Contact St. Francisville Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment.

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