Recognizing the Signs of Illness in Cats

Recognizing the Signs of Illness in Cats

August 29, 2022

Cats are highly independent and self-sufficient animals that also make outstanding pets and companions. Cats also have a unique ability to hide the symptoms that otherwise would reveal when they are sick and even when they are injured.

Given their ability to mask symptoms of illness or injury, it is natural to wonder: How do I know my cat is sick or injured? When you truly know your cat well, you can tell when it is not feeling its best. Many cats show common symptoms that could indicate when they are sick.

Common Sick Cat Symptoms

If your frisky feline suddenly is not showing signs of activity and spends more time sleeping or lying in a seemingly hidden location inside your home, illness might be the cause. Your cat might be less vocal and shy away from socializing, showing affection, or receiving it.

Many cats seek isolation while they are sick or injured, which harkens back to their relatively wild roots. When cats in the wild are injured or sick, they try to find a relatively safe place where they can heal up while avoiding predators.

You also might notice that your cat is not its normally well-groomed self. Cats are very fastidious self-cleaners and groomers, but not when they are sick. If you notice your cat appears unkempt and is moving relatively slowly, that could be a sure sign of sickness.

Your cat might be less vocal, less active, or eat less. Your cat might even use the litter box less than usual. Any changes in normal activity could be a sign of sickness. So could a change in the appearance of its stool in the litter box.

The change in activity might include becoming agitated and acting out more. You might even hear your cat meowing or howling at night. Any behavior change could be an indicator of illness. If your cat exhibits signs of sickness, some sick cat tips could help you to help your kitty recover and resume its normal activities.

My Cat Is Sick What Do I Do?

If you determine that your cat is sick, a trip to the veterinarian could help you to learn what is wrong with it. Before going, you should try to obtain a stool sample to help analyze your beloved feline. Your vet also could draw a blood sample and analyze it to determine what is making your feline feel poorly.

Your vet might be able to prescribe some medication and can help determine how to help a sick cat like yours. Your vet should be able to advise you regarding how to help your cat and what to expect due to its illness.

If you cannot afford to take your cat to the vet, you should do your best to try to make it feel comfortable. Feeding your kitty some wet food and helping it to stay hydrated by frequently filling its water can help your cat recover.


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