Can My Dog Eat Cookies?

Can My Dog Eat Cookies?

December 28, 2022

We all know it is less-than-perfect table etiquette to sneak scraps to our faithful little friends. If you have ever owned and loved a puppy, though, you know how impossible it is to resist those big round sad begging eyes. So the real question during this time of year isn’t should I give my dog table snacks, but are holiday cookies safe for dogs to eat?

With everyone baking, cooking, and preparing holiday meals and desserts, that also means more crumbs, messes, and chances that your four-legged friend might find some extra goodies lying around. What dog owners need to know, however, is if any of these "crumbs" are dangerous for our furry friends. Can dogs eat butter cookies? Cake? Candy?

Here is a look at what you should know and some answers to questions like, are holiday cookies safe for dogs and what to watch out for during our festive events.

Are Holiday Cookies Safe for Dogs?

There is a great deal of difference between food manufactured for human consumption versus dog food. To begin with, human food contains much more processing, in addition to more additives, colorings, and chemicals. That equates to human food typically being more difficult for dogs to digest and process.

The best and most responsible route for all dog owners and dog lovers is to avoid feeding our beloved canines anything except food designed for them. Yet, during the holiday season, we are all a little bit more inclined to be less firm and more giving. 

Foods To Avoid

So, if you must, maybe just a small piece or two, but be sure to avoid giving them any of the following foods:

  • nutmeg
  • chocolate 
  • raisins
  • macadamia nuts

These foods are used in many common holiday cookies and are toxic to dogs. So those butter cookies and sugar cookies are generally safe, although too much could make for a sick puppy and an upset tummy.

The golden rule (if you feel compelled to give your furry pal a treat) is to avoid anything that you aren’t sure about. It is also a good idea to check with your local vet if you have any questions about what could be harmful to your furry friend.

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