Important Features for Winter Dog Houses

Important Features for Winter Dog Houses

January 19, 2023

They are our four-legged friends, and they look to us and rely on us for food, water, care, comfort, companionship, and shelter. For dog owners, that means understanding your dog house needs for winter months and comfort. So, what makes for the best dog house for winter and its harsh climate?

The good news is there is help to figure out what your dog house needs for winter and to help you find or build the best dog house for winter for your favorite canine.

What Every Dog House Needs for Winter

Did you know that most dogs, small and large, are susceptible to getting cold once the mercury falls below 45 degrees? That means that there are some basics that every dog house should have, even if you don’t normally get sub-zero temps. Here is a look at some features of what makes the best dog house for winter and for your beloved pooch.


The colder it gets, the more of an enemy rain, snow, and moisture can become. Arguably, the most important aspect of a good and winter-worthy doghouse is ensuring that it is waterproof.

Wind Protection

Another great threat during winter is wind chill factors. Make sure your dog’s winter home is safe from winds and wind sheer, so they can stay warm inside regardless of how the winds howl outside.


Our four-legged pals also only have four paws, meaning they need easy access in and out of their winter dog house. Consider door flaps that are both easy to access and keep the elements out. 


It doesn’t matter how pretty or what kind of features your dog house has if a stiff breeze or the first storm knocks it down. Our puppies aren’t always the most gentle creatures either, so be sure that your dog house is sturdy and built to last.

Room / Size

The size of your dog’s house will, of course, be ultimately determined by the size of your dog. The important thing to remember is to give your pet ample room to stand or even take a few steps to stretch. Just because it is a dog house doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable too.

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